About Us

Hello and Welcome to DDC Australia

WHO are we?

We are a Melbourne based textile product manufacturing business with over 60 years in the field.

We service a diverse range of industries, including Industrial Laundries, Army Disposals, Horticulture and the Medical Industry.
We also custom design & manufacture for a vast range of other businesses including: corporate events companies, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, caravan builders and we have recently pivoted into production of deluxe reusable medical gowns.
We are proudly Australian owned and operated.


WHAT do we manufacture?

As we design, make & supply for such a diverse group of industries we pride ourselves on our ability to produce a huge variety of textile products. With a highly skilled and motivated team here at DDC we enjoy the challenge of creating new and interesting items as well as our standard stocked items.

Included in our regular stock list are:

  • Our signature Ripstop Laundry Bags available in 15 colours.
  • Custom made Trolley covers, Gowns, Theatre Boots & Patient Slide sheets for hospitals.
  • T-Shirts, Pouches, Packs, Specialised military goods for Army/Disposal stores.
  • Rain jackets, Ponchos, Over-Trousers, Groundsheets for Camping & Outdoor businesses.
  • Bag shorteners/supports & Mesh bags for both hospitals & nursing homes.
  • Webbing straps and fasteners for a variety of uses.


(Please refer to our Product Lists on-line for an extensive list of all our manufactured items)


WHAT else do we do at DDC?

As well as manufacturing, we have a vast range of items that we WHOLESALE.

We are also the NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR for ITW Fastex & Velcro buckles, clips and fasteners.

We also make custom made foam mattresses for caravans, campers and indoor use.

 We also WHOLESALE our raw products including fabrics, rope, cordlocks and clips.


ARE we the manufacturer for you?

If you require an Australian manufacturer for your textile items, regardless of whether we currently service your industry or not we will always endeavour to cater to your needs.

The advantages of being a local company:

  • Our turnaround time for production is fast.
  • We have no outrageous minimum order quantities.
  • Our service is always personalised, professional and friendly.
  • The quality of our items is always of a guaranteed EXCELLENCE.


At DDC Australia we love NEW customers, NEW products and NEW challenges.

At DDC Australia we can turn your possibility into a creative reality.

Why not give us a call or email and see what we can make for you todayClick here!

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